The British World Championship Winner Elfyn Evans

Born in Wales in 1988 Evans is one of the up and coming drivers that are sure to make waves in the sport. Continuing the legacy of his family this driver has taken part in several circuits across the globe.

Evans is the son of Gwyndaf Evans, the winner of the 1996 British World Championship. Continuing in his father’s footsteps Evans would go on to win the Championship twenty years later in 2016 after only beginning his career in 2007. His father also forms a part of a legacy of being involved in the automobile industry. Gwyndaf Evans grandfather founded a Ford motor dealership in Dinas Mawddwy that is still run by the family. The dealership was renamed Gwyndaf Evans Motors in 1983. They are currently the main sponsors for Evans and his co-driver.

This professional driver prefers to race in a Class N Ford Fiesta and is known for the intense speeds that he is able to reach in his trusted vehicle. Since his entry into the racing world, he has won a wide variety of titles. This includes a Junior WRC champion ranking for a beginner making their debut in a full WRC car. In the year 2014, Evans and his co-driver, David Barritt decided to become a part of the M-sport team. They would then go on to compete in their Ford Fiesta in all of the rounds at the World Rally Championship. Here they placed fourth in the Germany and Mexico rounds while scoring the top position in the power stage in the German round.

Evans and his co-driver Barritt form one of the most promising teams in the field of endurance off-road car races. They have already proven their worth by winning the titles at several key competitions throughout the world and will continue to show everyone that they are an unstoppable team.