Rally Driving Techniques You Should Know About

This sport requires participants to make use of some of the most skilled driving strategies around. These drivers need to keep their vehicles under control while also making sure that they fly through the course as quickly as possible. Here are some of the basic driving skills that need to be mastered in order to excel in this sport.

The Scandinavian Flick is a term you may have heard of before but had no idea was relevant to this sport. To complete this manoeuvre the driver must steer slightly in the opposite direction when approaching a turn before then turning back towards the bend before easing up on acceleration and tapping the brake. When done correctly this causes the vehicle to lift away from the corner slightly. The driver then makes a hard turn towards the bend and they should make the turn smoothly. This technique was developed in Northern Europe where endurance, off-road racing is an incredibly popular past time.

It is also important for aspiring racers to learn how to complete a successful hand brake turn. This is a good strategy to use to take corners without losing any of your vehicle’s momentum. To complete one of these turns the driver must steer away from the corner, this applies pressure on the wheels that are the furthest away from the turn. The handbrake must then be used to help the wheels lock. Wheels that have been locked do not have a firm grip on the tarmac underneath them. This allows the car to slide around the bend without losing any speed from the engine, which would have been the case in a conventional braking situation. Certain cars that have been adapted for this kind of racing will be fitted with a hydraulic handbrake to make this process easier.

The final technique that should be mastered is known as hill jumping. This one is rather simple. All it requires is an aggressive acceleration when approaching a hill. If completed correctly the car will fly into the air on the apex of the hill and jump over it. This helps the vehicle cover a great distance without losing any engine speed.

By investing your time and effort into practising these manoeuvres you will be able to compete against an experienced driver. However, it is essential for you to have complete mastery over these techniques before attempting them in a competitive scenario.