Fun Activities for People with Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a disease that often causes swelling, stiffness, and pain. These conditions might limit one from taking part in fun activities. Arthritis is brought about by the damage of the joint cartilage that is located between the bones. These damages cause arthritis patients to have a limited amount of motion. Arthritis patients are advised to do physically engaging tasks as a form of treatment. Some of these are fun and also help in arthritis treatment. Here are some of the fun activities that people with osteoarthritis can take part in.


This is an activity that mostly requires the use of the eyes and hands. You can also use a stand if your hands are shaky. You will also need a camera so as to take part in this exciting activity of taking photos. You can decide to capture your friends’ happy moments. You can also decide to go for a walk and take pictures of your beautiful surroundings. These walks will help you do some little exercises. Photography will also help you in visiting new areas to take photographs. This fun activity is great for arthritis patients.


An osteoarthritis patient can still get behind the wheel and enjoy a good race. The experience does not involve a lot of physical movement, but the thrill of it all gets the body actively engaged as though you were actually jogging outside.


This is a great activity if your hobby is dancing. Dancing will also enable you to socialize with other people and have fun. Line dancing, ballroom dancing or other gentle dancing styles are the best to engage in. This is because they help in exercising as they tune up the muscles at ease. You can also choose to help with the dancing. Dancing is fun and also a form of therapy that can help with the arthritis condition.


Yoga is a fun activity that can help in strengthening the muscles and the joints. It helps in keeping the muscles flexible. It also helps in reducing pain. Recent research showed that yoga can help in reducing the symptoms of arthritis. Yoga is very safe and healthy. One is advised to work with a yoga instructor to get the best out of the yoga sessions.


Swimming is a fun activity that a lot of people enjoy. Swimming will also help in meeting new people and learning new things. Swimming can also help in arthritis treatment. It is a great exercise as it involves the movement of many joints. It can also help in strengthening the muscles without much difficulty. Swimming is a better treatment as compared to running on the ground.