How to Have Ultimate and Safe Fun When Attending a Rally as a Spectator

Being a spectator at a car rally is always thrilling. However, you need to always stay cautious within the charged environment. Many fans tend to get a little bit too close to the race cars, which is very dangerous. There have been very many accidents and deaths happening during these events. It’s possible to mitigate the risks by staying a safe distance away from the cars and the routes they are using. The following are ideas you should seriously consider if you are planning to grace a carry rally event and be safe.


Before the D-day, ensure you book the tickets early enough to avoid a last minute rush. Early tickets often come with discounts. Ensure you know the direction to the location of the rally and the time and day the rally will be held.

What to Carry

There are a few things that you must have with you to enjoy the race. Get yourself a pair of binoculars to enable you to see race cars from afar. Most of the time there are no tents to shield you from the sun so you will need a pair of glasses or a visor and some sun hat and caps. You will also need to pack your favourite snacks, juices and lots of water.

Where to Position Yourself and Things to Do

The following are great tips on things to do and avoid.

  • Allow yourself adequate time before the rally begins to get settled at the viewing stages.
  • Remain at the viewing stage until the rally is over.
  • Listen and be on the lookout for any car that might miss its way.
  • Be mindful of the barriers and signage put in place.
  • Keep a safe distance from the roads at all times.
  • Avoid standing in areas with no escape routes in case of emergencies.
  • Avoid walking across or along the route the rally is being held.