Four Schools In The UK For Aspiring Rally Drivers

One of the secrets to starting a successful racing career is to join a school to teach you about all of the intricacies of this sport. In 1996, six driving schools came together to form the British Association of Rally Sports. When choosing a driving school it is essential that they are registered with this association. That way you can be sure that your lessons are regulated and legitimate.

Bill Gwynne Rally School

This school is located in Brackley and has been teaching the art of driving for 28 years. They focus on teaching inexperienced drivers to control their cars on loose terrain. Several individuals who graduated from their driving programs later went on to win awards in racing competitions across the globe.

SuperDrive Motorsports Center

One of the most prestigious driving schools in the country, this school has one of the most challenging racing courses in all of Northern Ireland. They place a significant focus on teaching individuals how to handle rear-wheel-drive cars through a course of twists and turns. This may not be the best option for beginners but if you have some experience and are looking for a challenge this is the place to be.

London Rally School

This driving school is the perfect option for city dwellers with a passion for racing. Established in 1989, this rally school offers a challenging course that will help to familiarise drivers with handling a car on a variety of different courses. They have an excellent gravel track that will really put you through your paces.

Motorsport Vision Brands Hatch

The driving school known as Brands Hatch offers a variety of different functions throughout the year. You can go for professional lessons or you can choose to take part in one of the many beginner’s races they host.