The Achievements Of Colin McRae

One of the most iconic drivers in the country was a man named Colin McRae. He was an expert driver who was responsible for bringing home a significant amount of titles. He also had the honour of being the last winner of the World Rally Championships for the country for longer than ten years.

McRae started his career when he turned sixteen and joined the Coltness Car Club. His first vehicle was a Mini that he acquired by trading his motorcycle. He moved through the ranks at an unbelievable pace and was entered into the world championships by 1987. McRae competed in the 1993-1997 championships in his A class Subaru Legacy but did not manage to win any titles. However, in his Ford Focus, he was able to beat a world record for most titles won at a world championship. In 2004 McRae competed in The Dakar but found himself wanting to pursue other interests. This led to a brief stint in the American sport of Nascar. Sadly, McRae lost his life in a helicopter accident close to his home in 2007. The unfortunate loss of this outstanding driver was a true blow to motorsports in the area.