World Rally Championship Winner Kris Meeke

Kris Meeke was the first Briton to win a World Rally Championship since Colin McRae brought his title home. This is another passionate driver with the unique skills that make him highly successful in his field.

Meeke made his entry into the world of race driving in the Bulldog Competition in Northern Wales. Although he did not manage to win this event he did take the lead for a significant portion of the race. In 2002, he was taken under the wing of McRae when he decided to act as his mentor. This proved to be the boost that Meekeā€™s career needed. Meeke started his career with a Mini Cooper but found little success. His Citroen DSR3 proved to be luckier and helped him bring home the much-coveted title from the 2016 world championship. He then transitioned to a Citroen C3. However, this car was deemed unfit for the road after it rolled an estimated 14 times at an event in Argentina. This driver may become one of the most successful drivers in modern times. Following in his mentor’s footsteps, Meeke has already got one world championship win under his belt. There is no telling what else he is capable of.