The History Of Rally In The UK

This sport has a solid foundation in the history of this country. It has been a popular recreational activity for adrenaline junkies for close to one hundred years. However, the sport has progressed significantly from the basic racing competitions that they started out as.

The first racing competition of this kind was hosted in 1932. The race’s endpoint was in Tourkay. In this competition, there were 341 cars that set off to discover who could navigate the treacherous course the fastest. The winner of this competition was Col A.H. Loughborough who came from Lanchester. From that year onwards, a race would be hosted every year with more cars taking part as the years passed. As the sport grew in popularity, more events were created to meet the demands of enthusiasts.

By the 1970s there were a wide variety of races available where individuals could test their skills. These competitions led to an increased need for race tracks where both amateurs and professionals could hone their skills. Nowadays, there are a wide variety of race tracks that provide the driver with a variety of different challenges and terrains to practice on. This growth in popularity also led to the foundation of several training facilities across the country where any person could join.

Individuals have been interested in discovering who can drive the fastest since the invention of the car. From humble beginnings, this sport has evolved into a serious past time with many different tracks and races throughout the country.