Four Of The Best Rally Courses In The UK

This is one of the most popular sports in the country and as a result, there are a wide variety of excellent courses to choose from. Driving these on these courses will not only make you a better driver but it will also help you to build a wealth of experience for driving on a variety of different surfaces. This list will provide you with more information about some of the best circuits that you can visit in the country.

Brands Hatch Grand Prix Layout

This course is located at West Kingsdown, Longfield. It is one of the most challenging courses around due to the narrow tracks and high speeds required to complete it. This track was first opened in 1950 and little has been changed since this time. Prior to this, the location was used for simple motorcycle races conducted on a grass track which was then expanded.

Castle Combe Track

The racing track at Castle Combe is known for being a festival of mud and adrenalin. This loose terrain course takes a total of ten laps to complete and is suitable for drivers of any experience level. However, to be eligible to drive on this course you need to be in either a front or rear-wheel drive vehicle. Driving the entirety of this course will be able to tell you whether or not this is really a sport you would like to pursue. It can be a rather intense race and mistakes on the course could lead to damage to your vehicle.

Croft International Motor Racing

This is another course where you can test your skills as a driver. Dating back to at least 1920, this circuit has been developed with a variety of tracks to suit the interests of drivers who go there for an adventure. The tarmac course is the perfect location to test the speed of your vehicle. They also have a variety of single-seater vehicles as well as supercars on location that can be driven for a fee. A visit to this racing track is a good idea if you are new to the game and want to gain some experience.

Mallory Park

Mallory Park is a circuit that contains a turn that can be taken at incredible speeds. This circuit is also renowned for their hairpin turn which is the slowest in the country. Individuals who visit this park do so to test their agility and speed on a complicated course. There is also a wide range of events that are hosted in the arena during the racing season. This makes it a fun destination if you are interested in motorsports but lack the skills to compete in professional racing events.